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Commercial Cleaning: 

We offer many services in Commercial Cleaning.

1. Building Cleaning ( Interior, Exterior)

2. Office Cleaning ( Interior, Exterior)

3. Power Washing  

4. High Dusting

5. Window Cleaning, Blinds

6. Commercial Equipment Cleaning (Shelving, Coolers, etc.)

7. Church Cleaning

8. Floor Scrubbing, Strip, Wax, Recoat

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Restaurant Cleaning

We are a trusted service provider of restaurant cleaning.

We offer from Floor cleaning to equipment cleaning

Residential Cleaning

We have many Cleaning packages to choose from!! You let us know exactly what type cleaning do you need! You determine the time it takes. You can schedule from 2 to 6 hours, it depends on what type of cleaning you are seeking.


Window Cleaning

We will clean your Windows, Interior and Exterior. Commercial And Residential. We Pride Ourselves with hiring only qualified window cleaning candidates. We can clean most all windows, whether high or low. High windows over four feet, will be an extra charge.


Restaurant Cleaning!

We have many years experience in Restaurant floor cleaning, we offer one time service, recurring, deep cleaning service, detail cleaning, bling cleaning, wall cleaning, power washing, lot sweeping, dumpster area cleaning. We can service most all your common restaurant cleaning duties.


Equipment Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning your kitchen equipment, in the restaurant business it can be very hard to keeping up with everyday messes with running a business scheduling and keeping your restaurant in top peak conditions of servicing many customers a day. We have plans that will take care all of your equipment cleaning needs.


Building Cleaning 

We can handle all your office cleaning needs, we have many years experience in office cleaning. Dusting, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, stripping, waxing, scrub recoat. All equipment cleaning, computers, printers, switchboard machines, etc. Call Us For Your Office Cleaning Needs!